Review: Anthony Morrison’s PWA 2019

PWA 2019

Anthony’s PWA 2019 Made Me Do It

Do What? You Ask?

  • He wanted me to Join his new PWA program and Make a Video
  • I was never a video marketer.
  • Besides who cares about seeing an 80-year-old male with missing teeth
  • But Wait and Find out Why I was More Than Pleased to Join PWA and Offer My Review

So, What’s the Big Deal and Who Is This Anthony?

  • When I tell you about Anthony, you will understand why this review is so important…

Anthony Morrison and his New PWA 2019 Initiative

  • Anthony is a Top 8 digit internet earner for the past 15 years
  • An Award Winning Internet Business Marketer and Author
  • He “Unselfishly” gives of his time and money to provide FREE Business Setups and
  • He is dedicated and committed to providing Weekly Training and has done so for over four years 

Click here to learn more

One of Anthony’s Stories

  • Have you tried maybe one, two or half dozens of these “make money on the Internet” programs?
  • If so, I am guessing that you (just like me) have probably found little to no success.

Am I correct?

  • A few years ago, my parents lost everything and almost lost their home.
  • This is exactly how I saved them from financial ruin
  • What bothered me the most was hearing my mom and dad arguing over money
  • They say that’s one of the most common reasons people get a divorce
  • and at the time I knew that it was likely to cause one in my family too.

Financial strain is just terrible.

  • I wanted to help, but I honestly had no clue what to do.
  • I felt helpless.

I knew the Internet and building a business online made sense and here’s why:

  • It’s simple to do, and I could do it from home (I currently was in school at the time)
  • It’s not expensive to start an online business especially when you compare it to things like
  • franchises and brick and mortar businesses.
  • It’s something I could do fast.

You see I needed to make money QUICKLY.

So long story short (you hear the longer version here)

  • I was able to build a business, make plenty of money and take care of my family and all their bills.
  • In fact, I have been doing that now for over 15 years …
  • Can you imagine something that not only works but has worked for 15+ years perfectly?

Great Story Anthony, Thanks

Dr. Don Asks “But What About Me?”

Founder, The Internet Crime Fighters Org (ICFO) and several others. A FREE Public Service

I too have been online for 15 years, but with a different purpose 

  • Researching and Reporting Scams, Threats, and Make Money Online For FREE
  • Through Social Media, Blogs, Articles, Groups, Forums and all
  • I authored my five years of research in 2009 and published “The Internet Users Handbook.”
  • Throughout these 15 years, both my wife and I were paying the bills for providing our FREE Services
  • However, interest in crime topics and related has fallen off in recent years,
  • Readers were bombarded with too much information, both real and fake

Apathy has set in

  • And with the increasing cost of operations, hacking and with declining interest.
  • We lost our ranking, sponsors and donations were zilch
  • Our “Sharing and Caring” theme had lost its passion
  • Even a post regarding Children’s Suicide Games such as the Blue Whale was ignored
  • and we were still playing the bills, so the blog was shut down
  • Click here to see our ICFO Facebook Page

It Was Time To Take Care of Ourselves and Get a Recovery Plan

  • Our expenses and cost of research over the years exceed some $200,000
  • It was time to get serious about recovery
  • Yes, through my research, I had tried several “make money online” programs?
  • But never seriously tried to Make Money Online for Ourselves!
  • Like many of you, my inbox and spam folders were loaded with offers
  • Surely we all would be multimillionaires if any of them worked.
  • Maybe some would help – but which one? Who to Trust?
  • Joining one offer only led to more offers from the same vendor, but most failed to offer what I needed
  • Lack of support, real solutions or even care and follow-up to see if the first offer worked
  • Tricks, Gimmicks, Hype are not real solutions to building a business, which is what I needed
  • Check your inbox and spam folders
  • $423.37 per day, 50k per month. Make Money Tonight, 42 bonuses, You Won!

Where were the Real Businesses?

  • One offer even claimed it could trick FB by wrapping a FB video with a “Review” frame
  • and calling it a Review Video. Of course, NO real review was intended – another sham
  • Garbage. Garbage and more garbage; emptying your wallet. while producing no results
  • and only adding fodder to my reporting

My Stress Level Continued to Increase

  • As I Searched for a Real Business Model!
  • Many of you have experienced this same frustration, haven’t you?
  • With stress and frustration comes unclear thinking and desperation
  • Offline, I had bootstrapped a dozen successful businesses,
  • but where were the real business owners online?
  • I needed a step-by-step plan of action to force my action, to discipline my brain,
  • and “How to” to build a successful sustainable business online
  • A sustainable business model that could be repeated over and over
  • I had been researching some eight months for something that would work, when

I Found Anthony Morrison

  • And joined his “Success Connection” and followed him for a couple of months
  • He was and is “clearly sincere,” “a giver” and not a taker as were so many others.
  • Indeed he is A Rare Find!
  • As one of his students, we watched him in action as we helped build the PWA Program
  • His Weekly and Video Training were Step-by-Step and AWESOME. Exactly what I needed
  • He Brought Clarity to Building a Business Online – Feasibility, Business, Marketing Plans
  • and he even included several other DFY Businesses for FREE


  • So, if you’ve found yourself in any situation like mine…
  • The PWA 2019 Is exactly what I needed and what you should be looking for
  • He relieved my stress and showed me a clear path to financial freedom

Do As I Did, Why Do It Alone?

  • Offline, I never had the money or time to find help for me in my businesses.
  • I learned through Trial and Error and built a multi-million dollar corporation
  • Now Online, I get all the help I need and gladly accept and call
  • Anthony Morrison my Teacher, My Mentor, and I Thank Him!

I GOT off the”hamster wheel”?

And started building my real business(es) online.

Click here and YOU can get started doing the same thing today

I know it will help you

Thanks for Reading, and Have a Great Day!

Dr. Don Yates, Sr Ph.D., Founder


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